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 Design of Archetype Vehicle A-arm  ( or “center-hub”)  Style Front Suspension
Used by “LIGHTNING” to match the rear Mono-Shock Suspension System
 Photograph of Existing Display Vehicle "THUNDER"
Created entirely by  William  H.  Bobb










The primary initial focus of DIAMOND is the development and production of an electric two-wheel vehicle, while capitalizing on a profitable business strategy.  These first models are collectively called “Lightning” and will utilize an electric motor powered by a battery pack.  Incorporating this silent propulsion design with a prone riding position will ultimately give the rider as close to a sensation of flight as a person can get without leaving the ground.  The requirements of this archetype vehicle are to be priced under $25,000, be able to travel a range of nearly 200 miles, and quick-charge refueling time of less than ten minutes.  Thereby making this vehicle a commodity that is not only affordable to the customer, but also unique in the transportation market.





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