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Valued Customer,


Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am a Mechanical Engineer, and Entrepreneur, who has been involved with the product development business for several years.  With the ever changing economic state of affairs, I am currently expanding my horizons and offering my abilities to develop products for industry leaders such as yourself.  I am able to cultivate products from the design stage completely through to market.



·       Product Development for all Stages, including Quality Development

·       Complete Designs from Concept to Prototype Testing

·       CAD Design in various Solid Modeling formats

·       Illustrations for Catalogs and Manuals

·       Drafting for Complete Dimensioned Drawings

·       CAM which include NC code for CNC Machining

·       CAE to Analyze and Verify Product Functionality

·       Tooling & Mold Designs, Jigs & Fixtures, and much more…


I hope that you will permit me to utilize my talents for your organization to develop solutions as unique as you are.  I promise that you will be delighted at my prices and astonished at my innovative designs.  I offer a competitive rate that is unsurpassable.  Allow me to quote a job for you.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


William H. Bobb


Bill Validator
(Solid Modeling)
Machining Operation
(NC Code and Verifying Machining)

























Card Shuffler
(Finished Product)









































Dimensional Drawings
(Including Illustrations)
Custom-Built Vehicles
(Fabrication Skills)












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